Our recent photo!


Addicted to Ipod game???

just kidding….daddy only let go his ipod once a while….how to addict!….ipod game that we like: ipuppy, supermarket mania, flick fishing etc…..

We visit KLCC Aquaria

This is our 1st visit to KLCC Aquaria, we have lots of fun there!

Finally our concert picture is out!

My dad using his long lense to capture all this moment. Just to share some of the photo of us and our friend! my daddy will add more picture soon!

Trish awarded 'BEST IMPROVEMENT'

Trish awarded 'BEST IMPROVEMENT'

Tisha is recovering – Praise GOD

Tisha: ” Thanks GOD and thanks everyone for praying…i am ok now!”
Special thanks to mommy for taking good care of me. you must be very tired now! and also Daddy for lending your IPOD to encourage me (watch my favorite movie clip ). Thanks to my sister Trish also, she is cheering me up now!


Our old old photo!

Photo taken in year 2002-2003

Photo taken by Canon powershot A10 (1.3 megapixel only)….my daddy first digital camera…cost him RM900++